Phil Collins has recalled the unfair advantage that landed him the job when he auditioned for the drumming gig for Genesis in 1970.

The band was looking for yet another drummer ahead of recording their third album, Nursery Cryme.

“I’d never heard the band Genesis [but] I’d heard of them,” Collins told the Ultimate Classic Rock Nights radio show.

“I went for the audition the same way I went for thousands of other auditions – and most of them I didn’t get.”

Thing is, this audition was at a farm which belonged to Peter Gabriel’s parents.

“It was a beautiful day; they were auditioning out on the patio.”

Collins recalled there was a swimming pool, and that Gabriel suggested he go have a dip while they auditioned the guys before him.


“So, I went and had a swim,” he said.

“I could hear anything that was going down – I knew the tunes before I actually auditioned.

“When I came up to play, of course I walked straight into it. I knew all the things, so I got the job!”