Four stars of the classic comedy Mrs Doubtfire had a bit of a reunion this week, commemorating the film’s upcoming 25th anniversary.

Firstly, of course, the movie starred the late (and still-so-sorely-missed) Robin Williams, who played Daniel Hillard, a struggling actor who disguised himself as a British nanny in order to see his children following a bitter divorce with his wife Miranda, played by Sally Field.

Secondly, 25 YEARS WTF.

Williams’ co-star Pierce Brosnan, who played Miranda’s love interest and sort-of-stepdad Stu, adequately documented his reunion with Mara Wilson, 31, Lisa Jakub, 39 and Matthew Lawrence, 38, who played the Hillard children: Natalie, Lydia and Chris.

The result was some high-key bittersweet nostalgia, given Williams took his own life on August 11, 2014 at the age of 63.


“Love you, love you all so much, so good to be a part of your lives,” Brosnan said in the vid posted to Instagram.

Wilson jokingly called him, “Stepdad,” to which he added, “Stepdad Stu.”


A couple of months ago it was announced that Mrs Doubtfire would be turned into a Broadway musical.

The cast will be announced “at a later date” while a production schedule is yet to be finalised.

The movie was a worldwide success, grossing $US444 million ($605 million) as well as winning the Academy Award for Best Makeup.