So, late last year, Pizza Hut opened a concept dine-in restaurant in Sydney to test the waters.

It paid off. Nostalgia won.

Now, Pizza Hut’s famous weird red roof is set to return.

And the rollout includes Perth (if you know where let us know).

Well, maybe not the roof, but the new restaurants will be far more modern with a sleek industrial vibe.

The aesthetic isn’t the only thing that’s set to be different, the new menu will include a few old faves but also the glaring omission of other items, such as the salad bar.

Salad will still be available, just not left out in a buffet-style situation. Because freshness. Or the lack of it.


The menu will also include tapas-style entrees and sides like chipotle waffle fries, jalapeno flamers and buffalo wings.

And the dessert bar? It’ll be just like you remember, but better. Alongside ol’ mate soft serve, there will be frozen custard, chocolate lava cake and a huge Hershey’s cookie-and-apple crumble pizza. WTF.

Rumour has it they’re also looking at bringing back crowd favourites chocolate mousse and jelly. reported there will be free popcorn for all diners, a Spotify jukebox and drinks like 4 Pines craft beer.

We are ready.

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