A woman says she was only offered a voucher after finding part of a plastic glove in her Macca’s burger.

Louisa Hanson Kenneday bought the Quarter Pounder from a McDonald’s outlet in Queensland on Saturday.

She cut the burger up into quarters, something she does for most foods, and started to chow down.

But it was when she was about to eat the last quarter that she spotted part of a plastic glove.

“I took a bit and then swallowed a bit and I felt something and pulled my hand away — and the whole finger of the glove came out,” she told 10 daily.

Ms Hanson Kenneday complained but said the manager seemed unconcerned and offered her a voucher.

“I’m a chef, I just can’t see how something like that can go amiss.”


McDonald’s Australia have since weighed-in over the incident.

“We’ve looked into this, including reviewing CCTV of the burger being made, and we can find no evidence of this occurring in our restaurant,” the statement read.

“We have asked the customer to provide the item to allow us to investigate further.”

10 daily


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