OK, at first, we totally thought the makers of Play-Doh were 100% trolling us… but no.

In the latest addition to their Play-Doh range, toy giant Hasbro has just announced ‘Poop Troop’, and it’s exactly what you think it is.

The company says that “kids can create a rainbow of their own hilarious Play-Doh characters” using “the poo mould” which is shaped like an emoji-like swirl.  

So, it’s like Mr Potato Head but, well, shittier?

While orange, purple and blue Play-Doh features in the ad, we all know that brown is finally going to get the workout it deserves.

But, while this would make any kid (and heaps of grown-ups) giggle their head off, not everyone’s happy about it.


While some are all for it.


But seriously, imagine if this stuff gets all over the house.

Actually, let’s not.  

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