Police were forced to guard an IKEA outlet after thousands of teenagers planned a massive game of hide-and-seek inside the store.

More than 2000 followed the ‘Glasgow’s Biggest Hide And Seek’ Facebook event page, with a further 10,000 indicating they were ‘interested’ in taking part, Ladbible reported.

After the store got wind of the plans, they contacted Scotland Police, who dispatched five officers.

Although many suspected of taking part were turned away from the flatpack giant, a few got through and began hiding in fridges, cupboards and under beds.

However, the game was soon abandoned because of the police, who stayed until the store closed.

IKEA Glasgow store manager Rob Cooper told STV: “The safety of our customers and co-workers is always our highest priority.

“We were aware of an unofficial hide and seek Facebook event being organised to take place at our store and have been working with the local police for support.


“While we appreciate playing games in one of our stores may be appealing to some, we do not allow this kind of activity to take place to ensure we are offering a safe environment and relaxed shopping experience for our customers.”

“We appreciate that people want to create fun experiences with us, but we do not allow this kind of activity to take place in our stores.”


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