An Australian family has been left devastated after thieves stole a flower pot carrying the remains of their miscarried child. 

The blue pot was stolen from their front step in Slacks Creek, Queensland yesterday. 

Grandmother Lara Tamati said the thieves wouldn’t have had a clue what was underneath the small rose bush.

“They don’t know the meaning, they didn’t know what was in the pot but to us it feels like a piece of us has been taken,” Ms Tamati told Nine.

“My greatest fear is they have taken the rose out and tipped the dirt out to use the pot.”

Her daughter Shae has miscarried four times and is currently nine weeks pregnant. 


They buried her child in the flower pot so they could watch the rose bush grow and greet people as they came home. 

The family is pleading for the thieves to please return the pot. 

“All I want is for the person who has taken it to return it.”