A Sydney school principal believes that parents are placing too much pressure on their children and should be satisfied if they manage to pass with a ‘C’ in their half yearly report.

Canterbury South Public School principal Daniela Frasca says that students managing the bare minimum when it comes to maths and English should be congratulated on their efforts.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Ms Frasca recently wrote in her schools newsletter that, “C” IS TO BE CELEBRATED”

“C means that your child is ‘on track’ in relation to what he or she is expected to learn”

“Other grades will indicate whether your child is doing better than expected or needs more help”

Ms Frasca continued that an “E” grade shows a child finds learning “difficult” but only “at this time and in this area”

However University of Sydney Educational Psychology Professor Helen Watt says being satisfied with mediocrity isn’t in our children’s best interests.


“I do think it is the wrong message – I can’t help but think of George W. Bush saying ‘C’ students can be president”

“A ‘C’ grade on it’s own is nothing to be celebrated, but if it means they’ve improved, that should be what is celebrated”


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