Queen guitarist Brian May has revealed another health issue sustained while gardening after admitting to previously “shredding his buttocks” while out in the garden.

May revealed in a series of Instagram posts that he suffered a small heart attack that left him “very near death”.

The 72-year-old said that the incident led to the discovery of three blocked arteries.

Along with the heart attack and ‘shredded buttocks’, May was readmitted to hospital a week after he was sent home. An MRI scan revealed that he had a severely compressed sciatic nerve which he attributes to playing guitar for most of his life.

May addressed the media coverage of his ripped muscle suffered from working on the garden, telling his followers that he didn’t realise that the injury would be amusing.


“I told you that I had a ripped muscle, now that was the way I was diagnosed. And we thought it was like, a bizarre gardening accident. I didn’t realise that was amusing, actually,” May said in an Instagram video.

Although he may have given the general public too much credit when it comes to anything bottom-related.

“I’d kind of forgotten that anything to do with the bum people find amusing.”

The Queen guitarist said that he was shocked by the discovery of the blocked arteries, saying that he had considered himself to be healthy.

“Everyone says ‘You’ve got great blood pressure, great heart rate,’ I keep fit on my bike, good diet, not too much fat.”

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