It’s A Radio Wedding And The Reception Is GOING To Be Perfect!

Get it? It’s a clever pun. Humour aside, this wedding is gonna be epic! 

Live on national radio, Will & Woody have been planning a “Wedding In A Week” for one lucky couple – Zane & Chloe. The country have already fallen in love with the down-to-earth blondes, who have two young kids, an easy going nature, and hearts of gold.

So far on the journey, the boys have pulled out all the stops. First, by going the full distance on the weekend to secure an engagement ring that Zane could propose with. WATCH here the crazy lengths they went to. 

Then, on Monday, it was time for the proposal, as the whole country waited with bated breath as Zane bent a knee and asked the biggest question of his life. It was a truly touching moment for everyone! 




Once the couple were locked in, the next step was landing a venue. With a little bit of budget up their sleeves, Woody shot for the skies, and contacted Fenix Events, a statement location with serious WOW factor. He secured the venue, but again, there was a price to pay! WATCH the video at the top of the page to see what they went through!

Tune into Will & Woody each day from 4-6pm as they try and pull off the mammoth task of organising a whole wedding in a week.