Green Day may have just celebrated Dookie’s 25th birthday, but the band has been around way longer than that. Need proof (aside from the fact that their breakthrough album is their third effort)? A pristine recording of the Bay Area rockers’ unreleased track “Stay” recently surfaced, and it’s from a gig they played in 1989.

The song was originally known to Green Day diehards as “World vs World” and circulated the internet in various forms, but the trio’s original drummer John Kiffmeyer confirmed its title in 2017 and explained the track was originally written for an indie movie made by Billie Joe Armstrong’s brother. The latest iteration is the most clean recording of the song yet.

“Stay” was part of the band’s set list in 1989, and the recording is from a show at Berkeley Square when Green Day was opening for Killdozer.

Listen to the track and check out the show’s setlist (via Consequence of Sound) above.


Sweet Children
I Want to Be Alone
Going to Pasalacqua
The One I Want
Don’t Leave Me
I Was There
Jennifer (Unofficial title; only known performance)
1000 Hours
Green Day
At the Library
Disappearing Boy
Maybe Forever (Unofficial title; only known performance)
Dry Ice


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Article: Katrina Nattress

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