What did we just watch?!

You might be thinking exactly this after viewing this advertisement, that looks more like something that belongs on a porno website.

The ad is acutally for a real estate listing for a Sydney property and since it’s release it has gone viral online because it’s extremely sexual undertones and pounding music legit reminds people of “the intro to a bad porn video”.

Yep, all that’s basically missing is a ‘bomb chicka wah wah’ sound effect.

The video is supposed to showcase a four-bedroom house for sale in south west Sydney but since it was posted on Realestate.com on Wednesday, people have become more focused on the people in the ad who are seen dancing seductively on a table.

It was quickly shared around on Twitter and has received a roasting of spectacular fashion in the process.

Some people called it “so breathtakingly horrific that it borders on art” and “the most Real Estate Agent video I have ever seen”.


Others commented on the seemingly awkward layout of the house, especially the fact that the swimming pool runs right past the window of the ensuite bathroom.

“Never mind the video, the house’s layout looks like it was a student project,” said one person. “Omg the swimmer can watch someone wee,” another joked.

The video has since been removed from the official listing on LJ Hooker’s website and from their youtube account.

The real estate agent for the property, Sam Nader from LK Hooker Bankstown, has since come out in defence of the video, saying it was meant to be a spoof.


“I just wanted to do something different in the industry, and it really, really worked,” he said.

“I did one for a hour in Illawong and it broke the record for the area. $3,205,000, sold before auction.

“Video gets attraction to the property, and the whole point of real estate is to get as many eyes as possible on the property. It was supposed to be funny. Whether it’s funny, it’s rude of it’s sexy, every video I do is different.”

LJ Hooker on the other hand released a statement apologising if the video offended anyone, saying they “missed the mark”.

“We understand that our recent video circulated on social media promoting one of our listing may have been taken out of context by some and for this we apologise”, the statement read.

“We have removed the video from our digital and social media channels.”


At least everybody’s talking about the property now! Any publicity is good publicity, right?

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