It’s safe to say Robert Irwin is a pro when it comes to feeding some of the most dangerous animals in the world, but even he gets a little startled sometimes.

The 17-year-old had a close call this week when a crocodile leapt out at him during a show at Australia Zoo.

Robert had been approaching the crocodile, attempting to lure it out with a dead bird. The croc, named Bluey, then lunged forward at Robert, who was forced to jump backwards in a terrifying near-miss.

Rob literally almost lost his foot. Ohhhhh boy.

Many people were amazed by the footage, but the young Wildlife Warrior was not too phased.


“Bluey the croc putting on a big strike!” Rob wrote on Instagram.

“There’s nothing quite like getting to experience the power of these modern-day dinosaurs, it’s such a privilege!”

Viewers pointed out the similarities between the teen and his father, Steve Irwin and said he would have been very proud.

“Every characteristic of your dad Robert.. he would be sooooo proud of you and Bindi!!” one Instagram user said.





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