Rolf Harris has been kicked off a school’s premises after the convicted paedophile was seen waving at children in the classrooms.

The entertainer, 88, was pictured standing and chatting to another man and trying to get the attention of the youngsters at Oldfield Primary School in the Maidenhead, UK.

Richard Jarrett, the headteacher, said he had ordered him to leave.

Mr Jarrett told the Daily Mirror newspaper ‘We have got a pick-up and drop-off point at the school, which is 20 metres from the main road, and we have got two forms of security.

‘We’ve got a wood sculptor working close to the road at the moment, and Rolf Harris lives about three doors down from the school.

‘He must have seen him [the sculptor] and come into the school area. He had no access to the children whatsoever.


‘I went over and shook his hand and introduced myself.

‘He explained what he was doing – that he was getting some wood from the sculptor. I said, ‘You need to go’.’

Harris was ordered to serve five years and nine months in prison for 12 indecent assaults on teenage girls between 1968 and 1986.

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