It was one of the most explosive moments in this year’s season of Celebrity Apprentice.

We still can’t forget how comedian Ross Noble absolutely tore kaftan queen Camilla Franks a new one in the boardroom after she nominated him as the weakest link of that week’s task.

Thing is, Noble was actually the task’s saving grace.

Lord Sugar wasn’t impressed with Franks’ choice, Noble was even listed as a highlight from the participants of the tour bus challenge.

That’s when we got to see another side of Noble – feathers were about to ruffle.

“I’m not a fan of confrontation but what you’ve done is you’ve made it personal,” he began.

“Since the first task you are in your own bubble, you’re a brilliant businesswoman when promoting Camilla, and your brand, but you’ve got this one-track mind, you don’t listen to anyone else.”


But he wasn’t done.

“You live in Camilla world. Everything is about you, your personality, your world. Your vision is basically about you. You are completely self-obsessed!”

No one, I repeat, no one had expected such a cutting remark from the normally easy-going Noble.

Noble recently arrived in Perth for a string of shows and told Clairsy & Lisa that every single time Franks would come into the room, his reaction was always edited out…


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