We’ve had just over a week now for the news of our favourite Bachelor In Paradise couple’s breakup to settle in, but TBH we’re still not over it. And it seem’s that those closest to the couple aren’t either.

Sam Cochrane and Tara Pavlovic were the unlikely couple who fell in love on the reality show over in the idyllic Fiji. Their whirlwind romance captured everyone’s heart and we couldn’t have been happier to see them become engaged at the end of the series.

But then just a short time later, our heart’s were broken as we heard word that Sam and Tara had called it quits and gone their separate ways.

In an emotional statement on Instagram, Sam had said that the pair had “both put their best efforts in to make it work” but “for different reasons it didn’t work out.”

Since then we have been waiting patiently and wondering when we would find out more. What exactly tore this couple, who seemed so incredibly perfect for each other, apart? Well, according to Sam’s mum Rosie Wynter, “there is quite a story” behind the failed engagement.


And well, from the way she’s talking, we’re led to believe that Tara is to blame for the split, with a series of recent Instagram posts appearing to throw shade at her son’s former flame.

The quotes and captions all spoke about dealing with break ups and coping with heartbreak. Not to mention the fact that she tagged her son in the posts, leading us to believe they could only be about Sam and Tara.




What was even more telling was a comment made on one of the posts. A friend commented on one photo saying that Sam and Tara had made a “very cute couple. Rosie responded by saying, “Sadly not anymore dear girl…I can tell you there is quite a story behind it!!!”.

Well? Come on Rosie don’t leave us hanging!! We need to know the story! We were a part of this journey of love just as much as anyone! We need some damn closure.


Just yesterday, Sam took to his Instagram to announce that he would be auctioning off the engagement ring for charity. In the post he thanked everyone for their love and support during this devastating time (Seriously, there’s no way this guy was the dumper).

Tara is yet to comment on the breakup but she has gone and deleted all evidence of her relationship with Sam from her Instagram page.

Whatever happened here we have a feeling that these two are definitely not on good terms…

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