Aussie actor Samuel Johnson has done so much for cancer research with the creation of his charity ‘Love Your Sister’, for his late sister Connie.

And while his latest venture to raise money might be unconventional, it’s actually such a good (and a little bit R rated) idea!

The ‘Love Your Sister’ charity is now selling sex toys in order to raise money for cancer research and to shine a light on the difficulties cancer patients go through with their sex lives.

Samuel announced the news on his Instagram account last night, telling his followers that the range is called ‘After Dark’ and can be purchased online from the Love Your Sister website.

“My charity is selling sex toys as of now. Why on earth? To provide men and women who’ve experienced cancer pathways towards a new sexual identity post-treatment,” he wrote.

“Cancer wreaks havoc on patients’ sex lives and no one is talking about it, so f*ck it. Why else? To raise money for cancer research so that we can ultimately avoid such f*ckery.”


“Guys AND girls, this is for everyone,” he added. “Connie told me to vanquish cancer and to do it with joy. Tick.”

The official Love Your Sister Instagram page also announced the news and honestly their content about it has already got us in stitches!

From having a laugh at their more conservative followers:

To showing off some of their current orders with hilarious requests about “discreet packaging:


If you’re keen to buy into the ‘After Dark’ range (and you have to be 18+ to do so) unlike the Phyllis’ of the world, you can check out the new range here.

And of course it’s all for a really good cause!

The Love Your Sister Charity was formed by Samuel Johnson and his sister Connie Johnson before she sadly passed away following a battle with cancer in 2017.

It has since become Australia’s hardest working cancer vanquishing charity as it works towards finding a cure for cancer and supports personalised treatments of all cancer patients.