Her name is known around the country, if not the whole world. Schapelle Corby.

In 2005, Schapelle Corby was convicted of attempting to smuggle cannabis into Bali in her boogie board bag. She was sentenced to twenty years in Bali’s Kerobokan Prison, with her sentence later reduced.

Over the years, Schapelle has maintained her innocence, claiming that the drugs were planted in her luggage.

It’s now been four years since she was released from prison, and two years since she was able to return to Australia, but Schapelle has kept a low profile since leaving Bali for good and is yet to speak out about her return to Australia and how she is going since coming home.

That is, until now. Following the release of her updated autobiography, Schapelle Corby: My Story, Schapelle joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio to tell-all about her life in Bali and how she’s changed since returning to Australian soil.

As Schapelle joined us, she said she was incredibly nervous but that she needed to tell her side of the story.

“I’m very very nervous. I’m not good at speaking,” she admitted.


But we certainly think that she underestimated herself, as Schapelle managed to open up and explain her experience to us in a way that we had never heard before.

She began by explaining what it was like to return to Australia after such a long period of time, describing the moment that she touched down on Aussie soil as “quite emotional”.

“I’m still coming to terms with being the new version of me, being Schapelle Corby, not just Schapelle,” she told us this morning about returning to her normal life.

She went on to detail exactly what was going through her mind throughout her years in prison, how she suffered intense mental illness during this time, and what it was like to lose her father without getting the chance to say goodbye.

Schapelle also confirmed she is still with her boyfriend, though he lives and works over in Bali. And though she is allowed to go back to Bali, she says she’s not ready to go.

“He lives in Bali, he’s got a stand up paddle shop,” Schapelle said. “He doesn’t want to move here. He loves his life, he loves his shop.”


“I’m allowed to [go back to Bali]. I’m not blacklisted. But I’m not ready. I don’t want to be looking over my shoulder. I want to enjoy myself and just live.”

Listen to our full chat with Schapelle Corby in the podcast below!

Schapelle Corby’s autobiography Schapelle Corby: My Story, was originally published 13 years ago. It has since been updated alongside author Kathryn Bonella and is out now.

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