The principal from Sydney private girls’ school Kambala in Rose Bay has made a radical suggestion to help add more “depth” to students undertaking their HSC.

Shane Hogan the principal of the prestigious institution, believes students should be allowed to use the internet and search engines such as Google on mobile devices when sitting their final HSC exams.

Mr Hogan thinks allowing this unorthodox approach could add more “depth” to students learning, saying many enter exams having memorised entire essays.

“You have to think historically about the HSC and what it was designed to do,” Mr Hogan said.

Mr Hogan said the reality of “today is that we all grab our phone as soon as we’re asked a question”.

“If we’re gonna test the kids let them use the tools that they will really use when they’re out in the workplace.”

“It’s down the track but I believe it’s the way to go,” Mr Hogan said.


“The students have the essays prepared before they enter the room. It’s almost irrelevant.”

“There’s no depth in their learning, there’s no passion in their learning. It’s merely a race to the finish. It’s time the HSC entered this century.”

The ATAR was introduced as a national system in 2009, while the HSC was introduced in 1967, and had its last major revision in 2001.

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