Shots have been fired after vegan activists filmed a cattle farmer on his property in Harvey, south of Perth.

Two vegan activists from Direct Action Everywhere were parked outside farmer Jason Parravacini’s property as their heated interaction unfolded.

The driver, outspoken activist James Warden, asked Parravacini about the calves.

“It’s none of your f***ing business. Like you told me,” Parravacini responds.

After attempting to open the car door a couple of times, Parravacini puts his arm through the open window of the car and tried to pull the keys from the ignition where things escalated with an in-car scuffle.

“You get the f**k out of my place,” Parravacini said.

“If you don’t want to eat meat, by all means… I’m a primary producer. I’m feeding most of the world.


“And a lot of people don’t complain it’s only guys like you so I suggest you move on.

“You’re tormenting Harvey… piss off, piss off, piss off!” he cattle farmer exclaimed.

He can be heard repeatedly requesting the activists to leave and to stop filming.

The video then cuts to the front of Parravacini’s property on Clark Road where the activists comment that he has a shotgun.

“He just shot bullets,” the male activist said as the camera rolled.

The female activist in the car clarified the bullets were shot but “not at us”.


Channel Seven reported that the activists had been in the area for a while and had been “causing a nuisance.”

It comes just a few days after another outspoken vegan told an Australian dairy farmer, who posted an emotional video of having to give up the family farm, to ‘get another job’.

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