A grandmother in the UK was left feeling a little embarrassed when she came home from the shops with a huge pack of condoms she thought were Tetley teabags after forgetting her glasses.

Rosemarie Riley, 76, popped a 30-pack of Durex Thin Feel condoms into her shopping, believing them to be teabags.

She didn’t realise the mistake until after she got home, and her husband John queried the £17 ($AU30) purchase.

I mean, the small shop of tea, bread and dog food came to more than $AU50.

Mrs Riley begged her granddaughter Gemma, 29, to return the dingers, who at this point was “howling” with laughter.

“My nan said they were actually on the aisle where the teabags were – so either someone popped them back, or she’s got mixed up, I’m not too sure,” Gemma said.

“I said: ‘She’s picked these up instead of the teabags, is there any chance I can get the teabags and return these?’


“The lady was laughing her head off.  I was too and then I ran out there as quickly as I could. Everybody knows me around here and I didn’t want to be seen returning them, especially before Valentine’s Day. I said to my nan: ‘I thought you were in for a good time’.”

Botica’s Bunch were also howling over the story, throwing open the phones over that time you ‘should’ve gone to SpecSavers’.

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