Six Perth blokes hit Lotto paydirt over the weekend after three years of playing the same numbers.

The group of tradie mates from Joondalup were reported as saying they had a feeling they were “getting close” to a big win before cashing in on $87,000 each on Sunday.

The winning ticket, worth $503,668.42, was one of eight Division One tickets sold.

The winning numbers – 29, 1, 6, 43, 23, 18 with supplementary numbers 3 and 35 were “based on some of our favourite digits,” one of the group said.

Another one of the guys said he had been discussing travel plans with his partner when one of his mates rang with the news.

“We started shouting and all convened that evening for a celebration that went into the night.”

News of the win travelled quickly, as were reassurances it wasn’t a joke.


Another member, who is retired, said he was looking forward to taking some of the financial pressure off.

“Retired life should be easy going and this will certainly help with that,” he said.


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