In what sounds like a heckin’ horror show, an Aussie snake catcher has described almost being strangled by a HUGE python while on the job.

Far north Queenslander Sue Ambler was trying to relocate the large snake from a tree when it landed around her neck.

“…before I could unwind it, it tightened around my neck and face, ” she said in a Facebook post.

“Before long it afixiated (sic) me to the point [where] I passed out and fell to the ground.

“If it wasn’t for the quick thinking of the people I was catching the snake for I wouldn’t be alive to tell my story.

She said the snake cut off her circulation, bursting the blood vessels in her eyes.

Oh, and that graze on the bridge of her nose? A ‘friction burn’ caused by the snake. Good God.


Ms Ambler said that she was still very sore but feeling OK.

She also blamed herself for being “too relaxed” after handing snakes for so long.

“I’ve learnt a lesson and won’t make the same mistake twice.”

She said she wanted to warn others not to handle snakes, even non-venomous types, like pythons.

“This was a freak accident but I also want people to know that pythons can be moody and cranky and dangerous — I’m lucky to survive this.”

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