We were today years old when we found out that Fred’s real name isn’t even Fred.

He made the revelation on Wednesday morning while he and Lisa threw out the question: ‘Who or what are you named after?’

“My name is Cvitan, I’m named after my dad,” he said.

So wait, where on earth did Fred come from?

“When my dad arrived in New Zealand in 1923 after he left Croatia, he came up to work on a job,” Fred said.

“They said ‘what’s your name?’ and he said ‘Cvitan’,

“They said ‘you can’t have a bloody name like that!’ – you know what it was like in those days.”


Fred said that Cvitan and the female equivalent, Cvita, meant ‘flower’, which literally translated to the female name, Florence.

“My dad wasn’t going to be called Flo, so he chose Fred, which I proudly carry on.”

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