The Social Movement That’s revolutionising the way Aussie Singles Find Love

What’s the hardest thing about trying to meet someone when you’re single?

Well, arguably, it’s the fact that you have NO IDEA who else is single. How are you supposed to approach someone, if their boyfriend or girlfriend might be lurking just behind. 

Remember traffic light parties? They were designed to combat this exact problem for singles. The concept was simple, you’d simply wear the colour that signified your status. Red if you are taken (stop), orange if you are not sure (caution), green if you are single (go). It’s genius, but how often do we get the chance to attend a traffic light party? Very, very rarely.

But luckily, two social pioneers by the name of Will & Woody, have come up with a solution to save dateless singles this Valentine’s Day. It goes by the name of:


Watch the video above to see exactly how it works, but the concept is awfully simple. If you’re driving in your car next week, stick your sock out your window to show that you’re single. With thousands other singles on the road with their socks out also, you will be presented with a unique social opportunity to potentially meet the love of your life. 


It’s that easy to take part, and it was a huge success last year on Valentine’s Day. This year, Will & Woody are taking it one step further, by giving people the opportunity to be a “Feature Single”. It’s kinda like an on-air version of the Bachelor. You dating profile will be shared online and on social media, and you will drive around a specific location whilst on the phone to the boys, live on-air. They will be taking calls from the other singles that are interested in dating YOU. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

All you have to do is –> REGISTER HERE

And be sure to tune into Will & Woody for the drive home, 4-6pm weekdays!

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