More than 77 per cent of men in WA are overweight or obese and men are over-represented among victims of suicide, cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

The shocking state of men’s health in WA has been revealed as the government looks turn things around.

It says 14 per cent of Western Australian men still smoke and 31 per cent exceed alcohol consumption guidelines, the highest in Australia.

The figures have prompted the state to introduce its first men’s health and wellbeing policy.

It provides direction for the WA health system and its partners to provide effective services which will boost physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing.

It’s three goals include empowering men to be proactive in managing their health needs, providing equitable access to services and will seek to monitor and evaluate the health outcomes for men and boys going forward.

“Men continue to face poorer outcomes than women on many key health and wellbeing indicators,” Health Minister Roger Cook said on Monday.


“This is a much-needed piece of work which outlines clear goals and areas requiring action where men and boys are at higher risk.

“It will lead to real gains, tangible actions and health improvements for men and boys, and for all those working with them, in communities across our state.”