In a move designed to turn Stranger Things audience excitement levels up to Eleven, LEGO has just announced they’ll be releasing an incredibly detailed Upside Down set. 

The brand spankin’ new set features a replica of the Byers’ house – complete with Joyce’s light-up alphabet wall – and a mirrored version of it below ground level.

A stack of adorable show-inspired figurines also come with the set, including ElevenMikeLucasDustinWillJoyceChief Hopper, and even the Demogorgon. In true Stranger Things fashion, Barb misses out again.

#JusticeForBarb, right?

If you think it’ll be an easy task, then think again. With 2,287 pieces, you can expect spending a lazy Sunday afternoon (or even full-day) doing it. 


It doesn’t come cheap, either. The highly-detailed set comes in at a whopping AUD$349.99, but for what it’s worth, it’s definitely worth it. 

Still interested? Obviously. Well, LEGO has confirmed the new Stranger Things set will be available online and on shelves from June 1st onwards.

Oh, and if anybody asks where we are on the 1st, um, we’ve left the country. 

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