Nothing quite brings you back down to earth like learning that a certain album or song has hit an anniversary milestone.

Last week it was Icehouse’s Iva Davies casually reminding us that Great Southern Land is about to turn 40.

This time, it was Suze DeMarchi’s turn to blow our minds.

The Baby Animals debut album is now 30.

And what a debut album it was – we’re talking tracks like Rush You, Early Warning, Painless and One Word. No wonder it hit number one and went four times Platinum.

Reminiscing over those early days, DeMarchi started to list off all her fave places to perform around Perth, her home city.

Annnnnd for most of them, we had to break the news to her that most of them didn’t actually exist anymore.


(Her reaction to what happened to The Raffles was kinda priceless)

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