We’re literally dying with how much nostalgia we’re feeling right now following the announcement that our favourite toy from the ’90s is making a comeback.

That’s right, the infamous Tamagotchi, which saw us spend countless hours playing with in our childhood, is returning to stores across Australia.

In case you’re unaware, and if that’s the case your childhood must have been seriously deprived, a Tamagotchi is a digital pet that users had to keep alive by feeding, training and cleaning them.

It originated in Japan in 1996 but quickly spread across the globe sparking mass popularity selling more than 82 million in it’s first launch.

And now the Tamagotchi’s are heading back to the shelves with the good people at JB HI-Fi set to sell the electronic toy for just $34.

Just like in the old days, users will have to pay close attention to their Tamagotchi to keep it alive.


There will be eight different styles on sale with some being the classics we all know and love and even some new varieties of the device.

We honestly can’t wait to get our hands on one! Saying bye to our social life now…

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