When you have challenges that can go for hours, what do the hosts of Lego Masters get up to between takes?

On Friday, Hamish Blake let Botica’s Bunch in on a bit of a secret.

“I just quietly challenge Brickman to make things behind-the-scenes,” he said of his co-host.

“In season one I would constantly say to him ‘well, there’s just some things you just can’t make out of Lego’ and he would go ‘noooo, you can do anything’ and I’d say ‘yeahhh but you can’t make a… a banana’s a very difficult shape’.”

It was a case of challenge accepted for Brickman.

“He was like, ‘give me an hour.’”

Hamish said that Brickman then went to the ‘brick pit’ and proceeded to made a banana.


But not just any banana.

“He made a banana that was peeling open

Hamish was so impressed that he urged the executive producer to feature it on the show but was basically told it was 100% never going to happen.

“I totally didn’t think it through,” he said.

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Season two of Lego Masters begins on Sunday April 19 on Channel Nine

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