Before Stu Laundy appeared on the Bachelorette to sweep Sophie off her feet (albeit briefly), he appeared on season one of Filthy Rich & Homeless.

In season one we watched Laundy, Christian Wilkins, Tim Guest Kayla Fenech and Jellaine Dee tough the elements and get a taste of what being homeless is really like. 

And this year’s cast of the SBS special have now been announced, and you’ll definitely recognise a name or two. 

“The five high profile Australians are: actor and broadcaster Cameron Daddo, charity fundraiser and Sydney socialite Skye Leckie, author and journalist Ben Law, politician and activist Alex Greenwich and singer and Instagram star Alli Simpson,” the SBS media release stated. 

“The five volunteers have agreed to swap their privileged lifestyles for 10 days of being homeless in Sydney.


“Their preconceptions about homeless people will be shattered as they find out what it’s like to go from having everything to having next-to-nothing.

“With their phones, ID and money taken from them, the five participants will each be given second hand clothing, a sleeping bag – and nothing else.”

The special will air over three nights, ending in a live studio program to air after the third episode. 

It all begins on Tuesday 14 August on SBS from 8:30pm. 

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