Kids of the 70s and 80s, try and contain yourselves, but your favourite after-school science show has found new life.

The Curiosity Show is back!

Well, online, at least.

The show originally kicked off in 1972 and, for the next 18 years, was hosted by Rob Morrison and Deane Hutton and focussed on practical demos like ‘How To Predict A Coin Toss – Without Fail’, ‘Why Wings Work’ and ‘Make Your Own Earthquake’ by using common household materials so kids could make what they needed rather than buying it and to keep science relatable and accessible to kids.

Hutton’s catchphrase after presenting a question was to declare the iconic “well, I’m glad you asked” line.


The show was cancelled in 1990.

These days, while the show has a low-key following of just over 2000 on Facebook, their YouTube channel has exploded with more than 100K subscribers.

The channel has hundreds of episodes and it seems it’s not kids that are watching but adults who have fallen down the nostalgic rabbit hole:

So youtube recommends a video to you and you decide to go on a mini marathon because of curiosity?

That’s just GREAT.  Gets you thinking how non-straight-line geometry works. FAB.

This one is a brilliant way to explain relativity. Well done guys!


Huh. That is curious indeed.  Aptly named show, too 😉

Was expecting a crafts lesson, but a physics lesson is just as good

I have a brand-new iPhone, so why do I want that calculator watch so badly?

 I should be asleep!