Chasing stories around the world for 60 Minutes is a huge part of life for Liam Bartlett.

But, like many of us, he can’t travel right now… and, when he dropped in to chat with Botica’s Bunch on Friday, there was no doubt he had a severe case of ants in his pants.

Despite this, his story this week sounds like an absolute cracker… but Lisa was somewhat sceptical.

“I must admit,” she said, “my cynical self when I first heard ‘Mary Trump, niece of Donald Trump has written a memoir’, I thought who cares, this is a bit of a cash-in… but then I looked into it more and saw who she was and I thought ‘this could be a really interesting read’.”

Bartlett completely shared in her initial cynicism.

“I’m one of the most cynical people in the world I think, so I’m with you on that,” he said.


“But I’ve completely changed my mind.”

The president’s niece has made world headlines following the release of her brutal tell-all memoir about growing up in the ‘truly dysfunctional’ Trump family and follows his behaviour from childhood to presidency.

This book could’ve been something simply salacious, but it goes way deeper than that.

“She comes at it from the point of view of being his only niece and having grown up, literally, around ‘The House’ as she puts it, that Donald and his brothers and sisters grew up in,” Bartlett said.

“But also as a PhD, she’s a clinical psychologist… what a great lab rat Uncle Donald has made for her.”

Bartlett said he was “amazed” at some of her stories, including how stingy the Trump’s were at Christmas, which he described as an example of a “mean streak”.


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