For 25 years, British documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux has put himself in some pretty interesting – and dangerous – situations.

We’re talking immersing himself into the adult entertainment industry, meeting serial killers, criminal gangs and Nazis.

Theroux joined Botica’s Bunch on Tuesday, and we soon discovered that he’s had moments when he genuinely feared for his own safety – and it wasn’t when he was confronted with the notorious Westboro Baptist Church.

“Some of my most hairiest moments have involved animals,” he said.

Theroux told Fred and Lisa about a situation he found himself in while filming his 2011 documentary, America’s Most Dangerous Pets.

Before flying out from the UK, Theroux said he made the mistake of reading a list of the most recent attacks by chimpanzees.

“Which tends to involve ripping off men’s genitals… or people’s faces,” he deadpanned.


“I knew I was probably going to have to get close with a chimpanzee or some kind of monkey or baboon and I thought ‘I’ve got quite a long nose… it’ll just see it like it’s a banana or a handle that it wants to yank.’

“And so, I worked myself into a tizzy of anxiety.”

When it came to film a pet chimp, he said that he hid in house when it came out.

“It ran over and spotted us and smashed the window,” he said.

“We kept that sequence in the finished film”

Theroux said it was the fear of knowing that you’re going to have to do something.


“…and that when you do it, everything’s so heightened you just roll with the punches.”

All Fred could muster was a solitary “wow”.

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Theroux will be touring Australia, including Perth, in January.

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