Love Rebel Wilson? Love Liam Hemsworth as much as you love Chris?

Then this movie is right up your alley. 

The Aussie actors have teamed up in the latest romantic comedy “Isn’t It Romantic”. 

It is based around Rebel’s character waking up to find her life is basically an over the top romcom and she cannot deal with the corniness of it all. 

Think taking every stereotype to the extreme – a flash mob around a fountain, meeting a perfect man who is totally infatuated with her (Hemsworth),

What annoys Rebel most is the entire thing seems to be PG13, so despite having Liam Hemsworth’s character completely in love with her, there’s no memory of any time between the sheets. Which let’s be honest – we’d feel pretty ripped off by that too!


So if you like a satirical comedy, rom coms and a good belly laugh, this one’s for you. 

Watch the first full trailer of Isn’t It Romantic in the media player above.   

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