You wouldn’t think that many things could pull Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson away from the gym, those rock hard muscles don’t build themselves guys, but it seems that one friend’s birthday was important enough for the actor to pause his leg day workout to record a special message.

In a video posted to the star’s Instagram account, Dwayne recorded a birthday message to none other than the God of Thunder himself, or at least the guy who portrays him, Chris Hemsworth and it’s honestly the best thing ever.

In what was more of a roast than a birthday toast, Dwayne Johnson sings his own rendition of Happy Birthday changing up the lyrics just slightly, labelling the Thor actor a “man whore” and the fourth best Chris in the world of Hollywood.

“I just found out it was a buddy of mine’s birthday so I paused the music, paused my workout, and I’m sending him some birthday love because that’s what friends are for,” said The Rock in the video.

He then cleared his throat and prepared to sing. And while the song may have been a bit of joke we have to say his deep tones weren’t half bad! But it’s really the hilarious lyrics that make the video the amazingness that it is.


“Happy Birthday to Thor,” he started. “You Australian man whore. You’re the greatest Chris and that’s a fact, after Evans, Pine and Pratt!

“Happy Birthday you handsome son of a bitch Chris Hemsworth, sending you a lot of love man!”

The Rock laughed as he went on to diss the handsome Aussie actor bagging him out for eating birthday cake while he was busy working out on his ripped bod in his “iron paradise”.

With a giant grin the ‘Jumanji’ actor then finished his Bithday with a little bit of love and another reminder that he’s definitely not his favourite Chris.

“Happy Birthday, I look forward to working with you, a lot of love man, love to the Ohana, and talk to you soon. Happy Birthday! You’re number four.”

Chris has since replied to the message commenting on the Instagram post with a dig right back at Dwayne, saying that his birthday song wasn’t the best he’d received, but sending him love nonetheless.


“Haha wow, almost as good as @leonbridgesofficial but definitely ahead of @joshbrolin. Thank you for your sweet sweet tones my friend,” wrote Chris.

This comment was in reference to two other A-List celebs who has taken the time to write Chris a birthday song including musician Leon Bridges and Actor Josh Brolin.

And well seeing as Chris is ranking his birthday messages we might as well throw our own into the mix! Happy Birthday you Aussie hunk!


Happy Birthday to you, your smile makes us swoon. You’re our favourite Chris by far, and anyone who disagrees is a loon!

Okay it needs work but hey it’s better than Josh Brolins…

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