People come from all over the world to eat Tim Tams in Australia. And this is how it’s done!

Have you heard about the Tim Tam Slam?

It’s one of Australia’s best kept secrets! It’s an irresistibly, delicious ritual you can enjoy by yourself or with anyone who likes a next level treat (and isn’t that everyone?!).

WATCH as Will & Woody try the Tim Tam Slam for the first time. SPOILER ALERT: It knocks their socks off. It absolutely tastified their tastebuds, that’s right, we made  up a new word. It was that delicious.

In fact, they loved it so much, that this Thursday they will be attempting to set the world record for the most Tim Tam Slams in a minute. Good luck boys, sounds like a bloody delicious challenge! 

Anyone can join in on the fun,  so grab a packet of Tim Tams and show us how you #ShareTheSlam