Despite having not put out any new music since 1993, Billy Joel fills stadiums.

Sitting at his piano, his schtick is to apologise to the audience saying, “I don’t have anything new for you.”

Yet the crowd cheers.

“It’s basically the same old shit…” he would continue.

More cheers.

Joel smiles and shrugs. “That’s what I think,” he says.

So you would think that, with no new material, playing the same stuff, year-in, year-out, would get tedious.


Well, even if it did, you wouldn’t be able to tell.

In fact, he’s admitted that it isn’t performing the hits that keep him fresh.

“I actually think about that when I’m onstage — what would I want to see me do?” Joel told Stephen Colbert.

“I tend to like the album tracks, not the hit singles.”

What? No We Didn’t Start The Fire…?

With that in mind…


Top 5 Billy Joel songs, ranked by Billy Joel:

#5 – Vienna

#4 – And So It Goes

#3 – You May Be Right


#2 – She’s Right On Time

#1 – Scenes From An Italian Restaurant

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