We have spent our whole lives being told that Big Macs and McNuggets are just about the worst things you can put in your body…apparently we were wrong!

According to The George Institute for Global Health who conducted an analysis of 4702 fast food items (can I apply for this job) they revealed the results in FoodSwitch: State of the Fast Food Supply  and it’s a bit shocking!

Apparently Hungry Jacks’ Double Angus Smokey BBQ burger has 5610kj which is 65 PERCENT OF A MAN’S DAILY INTAKE.

Red Rooster’s Bacon & Cheese Rippa was the worst of the chicken burger category coming in with 4560kj.

In comparison, the humble McDonald’s hamburger is only 1060kj…it almost seems healthy next to the other two…

So, we take that as the green light to chow down on more burgers, right?