Egg producers have taken aim at vegan fast food chain Lord of the Fries after they began selling soy-based egg and bacon muffins.

Victorian Farmers Federation egg group president Brian Ahmed said vegan retailers needed to differentiate their products from the real deal.

“It’s funny how these vegan products are promoted as natural but are filled with bits of this and that,” he said.

“There’s nothing more natural than an egg that’s been laid by a chicken. (Our industry) has to be very clear about where our eggs come from, yet people who sell these egg substitute products aren’t even clear about not containing egg in their products.”

The $6 vegan product has the same appearance as the sandwiches sold by McDonalds and Burger King but contains no animal-based products.

Lord of the Fries CEO Mark Kronczyk said the vegan contents were clearly explained on their website.

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