Nicolas Cage has been in a ton of films and has even won an Academy Award, but there are plenty of movies and TV shows the iconic actor has not been in… until now.

A YouTuber named derpfakes created a montage where, much like was done in Nic’s popular flick Face-Off, he put Cage’s face on someone else – namely characters from famous shows and flicks.

In the video, Nic looks plain silly as Hugh Jackman’s “Wolverine,” but he seems at home as the “Scarecrow” from The Wizard of Oz.

However, it’s how his “portrayal” of “Ross” from Friends that is leaving everyone shook.

In the edited clip from the classic NBC series, Nic’s face replaces each cast members’, but eerily, “Ross” with Cage’s face is almost more like “Ross” than when he has David Schwimmer’s face.

Among the comments are suggestions that this should be the plot of Face-Off 2.


Another person titled the version of “Ross,” “Nicoross Cage.”

As yet, Schwimmer hasn’t commented on his resemblance to “Nicoross Cage.”

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