WA principals were fighting a constant battle to convince parents not to take children out of school during term time to go on holiday, it’s been reported.

The admission came to light after new figures from the WA Education Department revealed that 15,184 public school students in WA were reported as absent for six or more consecutive days of school without an acceptable reason.

Of these, more than 7000 (48 per cent) were listed as on holiday during the school term.

WA Secondary School Executives Association president Armando Giglia told PerthNow that principals were constantly trying to sway parents not to take their kids out of school during the term.

A common reason parents give when pulling kids out of school to go on holiday is that travelling is an educational experience.

While Mr Giglia said this can be true, but the experience had to be more than just a holiday.

“Just going to Bali for two weeks, I don’t consider that to be anything like an education experience,” he said.


No parents faced prosecution this year as a result of their child’s absence, but 158 responsible parenting agreements were issued.