That’s a wrap on Woody and Buzz for Toy Story 4. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen , shared emotional messages on social media after recording their final lines, possibly ever, as the iconic characters.

Grab your tissues before reading. You’ve been warned.

Following the news that Disney/Pixar will be dropping a brand new Toy Story 4 teaser during the Super Bowl, Hanks and Allen shared bittersweet news of their own: they’ve officially wrapped on the highly anticipated movie.

They’ve traveled to infinity and beyond as Woody and Buzz, starring in three previous movies since the original Toy Story debuted in 1995.

Nearly twenty five years later, they’re saying their final goodbyes to the characters with sweet photos and messages from set.

Tim Allen, the voice of Buzz, took to Twitter after recording his final lines.


“Finished my Buzz for Toy Story 4 today and it got emotional . Wonderful full body story. You are all going to love the work this incredible team at Pixar created. We are all going to love this story….man its got everything,” he wrote.

Hanks, the voice of Woody, shared a photo from the recording booth. “Final line, final session as Woody of Toy Story 4. We rode like the wind, to infinity and beyond. Hanx.”

Toy Story 4 hits cinemas in June, 2019. Will you head to the movies to say goodbye to Woody and Buzz one last time?

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