In a way, your laugh is kind of like your fingerprint. Typically everyone’s will always be slightly different to each other and often the sound of a laugh alone can help you identify a person.

No doubt, you probably know of someone, whether they be someone close to you or a well-known celebrity, whose laugh alone can send you into a fit of giggles yourself.

We know that that’s certainly the case for us!

And so we decided to put together a very unofficial list of our top five fav celebrity laughs of all time!

1. Tom Cruise

Just close your eyes and listen to this. You’d have to guess that it’s the Top Gun actor almost immediately! His laugh has also inspired many memes over the years.


2. Fran Drescher

It may be annoying, and it may sound a bit fake, but there’s no denying that this laugh is that of The Nanny.

3. Ricky Gervais

That high pitched, almost wheezing laugh is unmistakable as the UK actor and comedian!


4. Janice from FRIENDS

We know this is put on for a fictional character, but if the laugh is enough to haunt Chandler’s dreams then we certainly class it as iconic.

5. Bart Simpson

We feel like we have to give a special mention here too for one of our favourite laughs for a cartoon character. None other than Bart Simpson.

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