Wiggles fans and their parents have been left frustrated after Emma Watkins from The Wiggles revealed a new costume that is for ‘everyone.’;

The costume is exactly what you expect, a yellow skivvy, black and yellow tutu and a big yellow and black bow headband.

Until now, fans have only been able to get hold of an Emma suit with a skirt.

However, the Instagram post announcing that the costume now comes with pants took a salty turn, with a few saying that they would’ve been nice to show boys in skirts too.

“[This is] basically coming across as saying boys shouldn’t wear dresses or skirts and just stick to pants.”


Another went a step further, asking whether this meant the Blue, Red and Purple Wiggle costumes would now be released with skirts.

“Would love to see the reverse too!” was another comment. “Some boys featured in the dresses advertising would be awesome too,” said yet another.

The variety of requests kept coming, including a fair trade sustainable range, kilts, more diverse models and adult-sized costumes.


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