If you were watching Nine News on Sunday, you might have thought you were being pranked.

Just after 10pm, between a Tokyo Games update and the weather with Scherri-Lee Biggs, a five-minute classic UK comedy sketch from ‘The Two Ronnies’ was broadcast.

In the middle of the news.

Like Peter Overton introduced it and everything, meaning it was no mistake:


Twitter was confused…

…but kind of OK with it, taking the time to quote the show and sharing their fave skits:

  • I wish our news programs would do stuff like that when they have nothing to say.
  • Well it’s goodnight from me, & it’s goodnight from him
  • Do you need a reason to play the 2 ronnies
  • I quite like that strategy!
  • I switched over and thought I’d time warped back to the 70’s. It was fun but I’m glad to hear I hadn’t missed the context.

If you’re keen to watch the whole thing, we’ve popped it up in the video player up top, I mean, it’s ‘Fork Handles’, an absolute classic lol.