So you know how Married At First Sight is advertised as a reality show to help people find love, but here in Australia we know that it’s really just a stepping stone for people to find Instagram fame?

Well it turns out over in America, their version of the show is like a legit love story type situation and they actually have a pretty good success rate.

So you can imagine how unimpressed they all are that our most recent, and probably the trashiest season we’ve ever had, is about to start airing in the US.

Season Seven of Aussie MAFS that gave us the absolute trash fire that was Hayley and David’s relationship that ended up in the toilet, literally, and more plastic surgery on one TV screen than Keeping Up With The Kardashians, is due to air in the States next week.

But before it’s even premiered on their screens, viewers in America already want none of it and they’re not keeping their opinions to themselves either.

Lifetime, which will air the Australian version from next week, has been posting some pictures to their Instagram account of the cast members and our experts, John, Mel and Dr Trisha.


Fans of the show, and even some past American contestants, have taken to the comments section to express their hatred for our version of the show.

“Ewwwww,” wrote a former MAFS US contestant, AJ Vollmoeller. “This needs to be kept on the other side of the world. It’s a very fake version of MAFS, nothing genuine about it. Scripted!”

Another past cast member, Jamie Otis also chimed in saying, “I heard the Australian version is bonkers”. You got that right sister.

“Like, couples switch partners etc,” she added. “I’m glad we keep it more simple and real here in America. And our couples – well *most* of our couples – are married because they genuinely want true love/marriage. But I def wanna watch this version because I’ve heard it’s absolutely nutty.”

Lol, imagine actually going on MAFS for love!


“We did not ask for this,” one person said under the pic of our Aussie experts.

“It’s a no from me dawg,” another added. “Based off the previews of this show it looks like these couples are making a mockery of marriage.

“What in Botox hell is this!” someone else said. Look we’ll give them that one…

Basically if you need some entertainment today, hop on over to the MAFS Lifetime account and head to the comments section.


We’ll be there having a good laugh all day.

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