You might be thinking that Sophie and Chad are the only couple in the Big Brother house this year, but it turns out there was another romantic moment of sorts between two housemates that never made it to air!

The latest evictee from this season, Hannah, revealed during an interview with Daily Mail that she actually kissed Kieran while she was in the house!

And nope, you didn’t miss it happening on screen! It just didn’t get shown.

Speaking about the moment post-eviction, Hannah said that she was upset that their kiss had been edited out.

“I kissed Kieran in the house and they never showed that, which is pretty upsetting,” Hannah told Daily Mail.


Of course, it wasn’t this big romantic, passionate moment. This kiss actually happened as part of what Hannah called “dating practice”. But still, why didn’t we get to see it?!

“My first week, we did dating practice, because Kieran hasn’t gone on a date before, so I put my hand up for some dating practice and let him kiss me, and they didn’t even show it,” she continued.

And this isn’t the only time it happened either! Hannah also revealed that during the Mexican fiesta on Tuesday night’s episode, she and Kieran shared another pash.

“On my last day, I had a bouquet of flowers and I said ‘Kieran, if you catch this, I’ll kiss you’ and he caught it and I gave him another kiss. I’m so shocked this hasn’t come out on camera,” Hannah said.

WHY DIDN’T WE GET TO SEE THIS?! Maybe it wasn’t as funny as it all sounds but dang we feel cheated!

Hannah and Kieran have since continued their friendship outside the house, with Hannah telling Daily Mail that they chat all the time.


“Kieran and I have the best relationship. We FaceTime all the time. He has a beautiful heart and is so warm and caring,” she said.

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