Well… that was weird.

It was Tony Jones’ last day at Today after a rollercoaster 2019, and it was one to remember.

The sports reporter bid farewell in a bizarre fashion, doing little to quell criticism of his poor chemistry with the team.

“Archie, it’s not a great morning. You should have just stayed in bed with mum, shouldn’t you, mate? The good news is, Archie has a new two-year contract. I got the arse. It’s all going very, very well.”

“It’s been a long year. Let me tell you. I feel like I’ve gone 15 rounds, I’m on the ropes, and despite what they say, I’m in your corner,” he said as he crossed live from the Gallen-Hall boxing ring.

His behaviour even prompted Brooke Bonney to jokingly ask: “Are you drunk TJ? Look at you – the way you are standing?”

“I can see it now: ‘One last awkward moment as Brooke quizzes surly sports reporter, ‘Are you drunk?’ Anyway. No. I’m just full of life.”


He also said he’s “not completely going – obviously I’ll bob up from time to time when there is about eight people calling in sick next year. I look forward to it, and it has been a very, very fun year,” he said.

As of 12:40pm, the TODAY Show hadn’t posted any videos of Tony’s farewell, yet they’d put up multiple for Sonia Kruger who farewelled TODAY Extra.

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