A number of Australian Disney+ accounts have been compromised as the company faces the prospect of dealing with thousands of hacked accounts around the world.

According to News.com.au, account information from earlier hacks are being sold on the dark web and used to gain access to people’s Disney+ accounts.

So if you’re using the same email and passwords for Disney+ as you do for other services, you might be in trouble.

While the breach isn’t on Disney’s end, the company’s being slammed for not providing two-factor authentication (e.g using a code sent to your phone) to guard against such attacks.

“At this time there is not support for two-factor authentication or the ability for users to remote log out of their service,” Disney said.

“We will continue to evaluate features within the services and they are likely to evolve over time, but nothing further to confirm today.”

To make sure your account isn’t compromised, don’t re-use old passwords.

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